Flint Couture

Flint Couture

A ridiculous thing happened to me. On the day I found out I was an honorable mention for My City Magazine’s Greater Flint Best Dressed, I had accidentally worn two different socks that I didn’t realize were mismatched until like halfway through the day.

Being selected for this honor came with the promise of an interview about my fashion sense, an interview I took extremely serious. But, sadly, my fashion hot takes were dramatically condensed in the print version of the story. So below are my complete responses to their questions. The world needs to know.

Name: Patrick Hayes

Occupation: Director of Marketing & Communications, Kettering University

What three words define your personal style?: My boss at Kettering, Kip Darcy, best summed it up in two words: “Aging hipster.”

What’s your signature wardrobe piece? I don’t know if I have a signature piece, but I have a go-to category with core components: Dress shirt, unbuttoned top button with loosely knotted, solid-color skinny tie. It’s versatile. In the office, it gives off the aura that you’re attacking those deadlines with such great vigor that you had to loosen the tie, roll up your sleeves and get dirrrty. But untuck the shirt, swap the khakis for some jeans and throw a thin sweater overtop and you have a great semi-formal bro-on-the-town look.

Also, I do have a somewhat renowned banana yellow sport coat that I break out on only the most special of occasions.

Who are your style role models? My wardrobe’s personality is inspired by a weird mix between Eddie Vedder, Rashida Jones, C.M. Punk, Cardi B, Hunter S. Thompson, Randy Savage, and Rasheed Wallace. I don’t necessarily dress like any of those people, but I would want them all to think I’m interesting and approve of me, so my fashion choices probably reflect that on a subconscious level. Also, and somewhat related, I’m deeply insecure.

What’s your favorite outfit or article of clothing you’ve ever worn? I have a pleather motorcycle jacket that I bought on Amazon for $18 last year. I am a pacifist, and I don’t condone violence, I should say that up front. But should I ever be in a situation where a threat of fighting was possible while I happened to be wearing that jacket, I like to think the aggressors would look at me and say, “Whoa … let’s think twice before we attack the guy in the Danny Zuko jacket. He looks like he can handle himself.” So the jacket is both a great look and an insurance policy.

What are your favorite places to shop in the area? I have a very brick-by-brick mentality for outfits, which requires a lot of bargain shopping. T.J. Maxx, Goodwill, any clearance rack, and Old Navy late in the fall when all of the thin sweaters go on sale for super cheap are all my go-to spots. America is a Trunk Club culture now where people just want virtual stylists to do all of the outfit assembly for you and hand-deliver perfect wardrobes that some algorithm figured out. I’m a blue collar guy. I believe the components of a great outfit have to come together organically, sometimes over a period of months or even years. It takes persistence, a keen eye and patience. Never give up on an article of clothing. Sometimes, the right accessory comes along like an RKO out of nowhere and takes an outfit from good to great.

What’s your favorite fashion trend right now? When I was an 8-year-old whose mom forced him to wear elastic-banded sweatpants from Kmart, I never imagined “cuffed capri-length sweats” would be a fly look, but here we are. I don’t own any (YET), but I’m pretty jealous whenever I see people wearing them. Clothes that automatically make you look athletic, whether you are or not, are a lasting trend in my book.

What fashion trend do you wish would go away? To borrow a quote from Fetty Wap, “Everybody hating, we just call ’em fans though.” Fashion is art. It’s an extension of all of our personalities. If dressing a certain way makes you feel good, you should do it. I have no hating to add to the world and support every trend. All looks are good looks.

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